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Short Film, Italy, 2020, Digital, Color, 6’40"

directed by: Elisa Baccolo

As the light of dusk lights up the ravins, three silhouettes head towards an empty farmhouse. In a combination of whisperings and gestures, the three women perform a ritual against the end of all things. 

The film was shot during a Film Residency on Magic Beliefs in Basilicata, Italy, and represents a personal reinterpretation of the anthropological topic of rituals as means for healing.


Film Festivals: Free Aquila Festival (Rome, November 2021); ShorTS International Film Festival (Trieste, July 2021); FuoriFormato Film Festival (Genoa, July 2021) where it won the category "Best Concept"; Ischia Film Festival (Ischia, July 2021) as part of the collective film "Two to hurt, three to heal".

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